Bulgari Serpenti 18 kt white gold earrings set with pavé diamonds Ref.: 353844 OR857753

In a sensual sublimation of the snake’s scales, the hexagonal motif on the Serpenti earrings boasts the unceasing evolution, the powerful charisma and the eclectic beauty of Bvlgari’s unquestionable glamour. Inspired by a design from the 1970s, the geometrical pattern conveys the serpent’s endless ability to morph into multifaceted, seductive designs. Serpenti 18 kt white gold earrings with pavé diamonds.


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The Serpenti earrings, 353844 OR857753, by Bvlgari, in 750 proof white gold, whose delightful hexagonal motif recalls the snakeskin pattern, gracefully sway at the neck, fascinating the seductive play of light on the geometric diamond pave, 5.27 carats. The hexagonal motif of the Serpenti earrings recalls the flawless drawing on the skin of a snake, fully conveying the mobility and allure of the famous Bvlgari totem. Inspired by the fashion of the 1970s, the pattern gives a modern twist to this composition, while the exceptional colors of the gemstones embody all the facets of temptation. The design of the elegant Serpenti earrings is characterized by the clear, refined geometry of Roman style with elements of art nouveau. A striking model of earrings created from sparkling hexagons, which is characteristic of the style of Antiquity.
For modern women who want to stand out, surprise and conquer, the delightful Serpenti earrings will become the most favorite. Thanks to this beautiful, status and stylish piece of jewelry, you will always look original and attractive.
  • Ref.: 353844 OR857753
  • Stone: Diamonds
  • Made In: Italy
  • Material​: White gold
  • Diamonds (Carats): 2.17
  • Diamond quality: DEF, IF to VVS


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