Bulgari Serpenti rose gold bracelet Rubies & Diamonds

The SERPENTI bracelet is attractive, with its beautiful snake’s head set with precious stones shining with glamour and refinement. bulgari takes inspiration from the feminine eyes and reinterprets its spirit animal, highlighting the magic of the eyes, sensual and irresistible. SERPENTI bracelet in 18k rose gold with Rubies.


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Bvlgari’s original Serpenti bracelet BR857739 is made of 18 carats of rose gold and features an elegant snake head chain with eyes that radiate an enchanting amethyst glow.The Serpenti bracelet is hypnotic and pays homage to the iconic snake figure in a luxurious and refined jewelry form.Bvlgari draws inspiration from the allure of the female gaze. reinterpreting its totem to emphasize the irresistible power of the eye. The seductive snake, interwoven with human history, takes us into the mythical world of ancient Greece and Rome. The delightful Serpenti bracelet embodies the symbol of intelligence, vitality and charm.
An exquisite Serpenti bracelet is a stylish accessory for your life that will best express your personality and charm. Such an exquisite bracelet would make a wonderful gift for your chosen bracelet. The symbolic image of the light in the eyes of the amethyst will tell her of your true love and loyalty.

  • Ref.: BR857739
  • Material​: rose gold
  • Gemstone: Amethyst


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