Bulgari Serpenti Rose Gold & Malachite Earrings REF . 352701

Capturing the power of attraction, the Serpenti earRing glorify the head of the snake in a jeweled design that sparkles with glamour and sophistication. Inspired by the sensuality of a woman’s gaze, Bulgari reinterprets its spirit animal, focusing on the magnetic power of the eyes and channeling their irresistible ability to seduce.


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Bvlgari brand’s marvelous jewelry creation is represented by the original and luxurious Serpenti earrings, 352701 OR857801, in 750 proof pink gold, malachite and diamond pave. Elegant earrings in the form of a snake’s head with a delightful hexagonal motif, set with diamond pave and reminiscent of a snakeskin pattern, radiate passion and mesmerize with the magnetic gaze of malachite snake eyes. Filled with hypnotic appeal, Serpenti earrings pay tribute to the legendary snake image, which takes the form of a luxurious and exquisite piece of jewelry. Inspired by the seductive feminine gaze, Bvlgari offers a new interpretation of the totem, with a particular focus on the eyes that have an irresistible power of seduction. The snake, a seductress braiding the history of mankind, transports us to the mythological worlds of Ancient Greece and Rome.
We combine style, luxury and glamour in the design of exceptional Serpenti earrings that will make you elegant, charismatic and dazzling. Jewelry like Serpenti earrings are meant to be bought for years to come; they are as timeless and out of fashion.
  • REF . 352701
  • Stone: Malachite
  • Made In: Italy
  • Material​: Rose gold
  • Diamonds (Carats): 0.17
  • Color​: Green
  • Diamond quality: DEF, IF to VVS


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