Bulgari Serpenti Viper 18 kt rose gold bracelet set with carnelian elements BR858338

SERPENTI VIPER collection 18k rose gold bracelet with carnelian. (6 mm thick)


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Serpenti is one of Bulgari’s classic collections, and the heart of its design lies in the precious head of the snake, with its openworked emerald eyes, which add a touch of ecstasy and resemble the real thing, and the neat “scales” of the necklace, which are delicately “articulated” rather than welded. The Tubolare tubular connection process gives the piece a delicate, flexible, snake-like feel, allowing the jewelry to naturally wrap around and fit the wearer. The bracelet is reminiscent of a snake coiled before striking, seductively encircling the wrist and mesmerizing the senses with its seductive curves. The charming characteristics of the deadly scales of the snake and the delicate posture of the spirit snake are cleverly fused in a seductive design, revealing sensuality and seduction, mesmerizing. Light and shadow, sensuality and desire, the two sides of the snake’s nature are revealed, the bracelet is made of 18K rose gold and inlaid with carnelian, the colors of red and rose gold collide and blend into one ~ Serpenti Viper 18 kt rose gold bracelet set carnelian elements. (width 6 mm)

  • Ref.:BR858338
  • Stone: Carnelian
  • Material​: Rose gold
  • Color​: Red


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