Bulgari Serpenti Viper earrings rose gold 356171

The magnetically alluring, sensual design of the Serpenti earrings conveys the power of temptation inherent in the snake, the totem of Bulgari. The luxurious and refined jewelry, made of unusual materials, impresses with the splendor of precious scales and serpentine grace. Serpenti earrings rose gold 18 karat.


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Inspired by the slithering and sinuous form of the serpent, the enchanting coiled design of these earrings combines the slightly dangerous beauty of the precious scales with the coiled agility of the snake. Between light and shadow, sensuality and sensuality, seduction and desire, the fascinating design fully reveals the irresistible antagonism of the nature of the spiritual snake. SERPENTI VIPER Collection earrings in 18k rose gold.
  • REF .356171
  • Material​: rose gold
  • Diamond quality: DEF, IF to VVS


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