Graff Classic Butterfly Paved with Diamonds and Emeralds Watch BF32WGDEDE

The Graff Classic Butterfly watch is presented in an 18k white gold case measuring 38 mm. There is a quartz movement inside the case. The dial with white diamonds and green emeralds displays the hours and minutes. The watch comes on an 18k white gold bracelet inlaid with white diamonds and green emeralds. The case is water resistant to 30 meters. The case is inlaid with white diamonds.


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The luxurious women’s watch Classic Butterfly Watch, BF32WGDEDE, by Graff magnetically draws the eye with the brand’s signature motif – a beautiful butterfly. This delightful model honors nature’s most feminine creature as it flutters gracefully with sparkling diamonds on a pave dial of precious emeralds. The bracelet is also adorned with butterflies of regal diamonds that seem to interrupt their flight, crouching on emerald greenery.

  • Swiss quartz movement, diameter 32MM
  • 18k gold weighing approximately 104.5g
  • Case set with 46 diamonds-1.22ct
  • Case with 6 diamonds-0.78ct
  • Case set with 154 diamonds-1.48ct
  • Faceted with 12 diamonds in horse’s eye – 1.036ct
  • Faceted drop diamonds 12 – 1.08ct
  • Face set with 51 diamonds-0.16ct
  • Faceted and framed with 90 diamonds-1.82ct
  • 648 diamonds in a band-1.96ct
  • 134 emeralds with pavé – 0.64ct
  • 28 diamonds with drops – 7.3ct
  • 28 diamonds with horse’s eye – 5.9ct
  • with 12 boulders – 1.29ct

*Each jewelryreluxe creation is unique. As a result, size, carat weight and stone qualities can vary slightly from one creation to another.


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