Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Emerald Bezel and Pave Diamond Dial Yellow Gold 16598 EM

Rolex 16598 EMRO Daytona with 36-emerald bezel and pave diamond dial, 18k yellow gold, 40mm. Circa 1999


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Rolex is the master of gem setting. They have their own in-house gemologist who selects only the finest and most perfect stones for their watches. While Rolex may be most associated with sporty tool watches, Rolex also makes some amazing gem-set pieces. It is not uncommon to find diamonds on Rolex watches.
And the truth is that over the years, Rolex has carefully selected different emerald watches. But since the company mainly uses diamonds or sapphires, the selection of emerald watches is relatively small. It is also important to note that many of the emerald Rolex watches you see may be aftermarket and do not have factory emeralds. In this list, we only have original emerald watches with original factory set emerald stones, as designed by Rolex.
Due to the specificity and rarity of these stones, it would be unfair to mount them on a stainless steel watch. This is why all emerald Rolex watches are made in precious metals, whether platinum or gold, making them even rarer and more special. In general, we can say that all Rolex watches featuring emeralds are extremely rare. They are produced in very small numbers and tend to fetch high prices at auction. But at the same time, if you have enough money to spend and want something you will probably never see anyone else wearing, then an emerald Rolex is a suitable choice.
Since green is Rolex’s signature color, emerald gemstone watches are the perfect complement to Rolex watches and help make them truly unique.
Rolex watches with gemstones on the bezel are usually marked with initials in the reference number. For example, the Daytona 16598EM, where “EM” stands for emerald. The same cannot be said for dials, which are usually not indicated on the reference number if they are gem-set.
  • Reference Number:16598 EM
  • Metal:18K Yellow Gold
  • Case Size :40.00mm
  • Wrist Size:This watch will currently fit a wrist up to 8.00 inches.
  • Movement:Automatic Chronograph Movement
  • Crystal:Sapphire Crystal
  • Dial: Emerald / Gold Diamond Chronograph Dial
  • Bezel:Diamond Bezel
  • Band:18K Yellow Gold
  • Movement:Cal. 4130
  • Case Diameter:40.0 mm
  • Power reserve:72 hours
  • Case thickness:12.2mm
  • Waterproof performance (nominal):100m
  • Maximum inner diameter:About 19.5 cm
  • function:CHRONOGRAPH
  • Lug side: 20mm
  • Gross weight:About 150g
  • Rolex in-house calibre 4130, beats at 28,800 vph, contains 44 Jewels & has an approximate power reserve of 72 running the time only or 66 hours with the chronograph function running.
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*Each jewelryreluxe creation is unique. As a result, size, carat weight and stone qualities can vary slightly from one creation to another.


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